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Burglar Alarm Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area is very professional and highly trained in all types of systems for security and alarm monitoring. We offer a full-service package that includes installation of the system, as well as monitoring throughout the entire property.

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When an alarm is triggered, the system will dispatch police and fire trucks to your home or business premise, and dispatched personnel will contact you or a local law enforcement agency for confirmation. Depending on the system we install, false alarms can be instantly disabled and the real ones called.

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All of our sensors are professionally installed to ensure no false alarms ever go off. Our control units have been factory tested and will all function flawlessly alarm companies in miami. The control unit is the brain of the alarm, it controls all of the functions and sends signals to the perimeter sensors.

There are several different control units, such as PIR motion detectors, photoelectric eye sensors, magnetic door contacts, and microwave oven contact sensors. These control units can all work individually or can be programmed to work as a group.

Each of the components of our system is engineered to meet the highest and best industry standards. Some of our components include our magnetic field capture area switch, electric current switch, reed switch, and magnetic field amplifier. The components of the alarm companies Bay Area can be found here.