Are Granite Surfaces On The Way Out?

Granite is a polished stone that’s trimmed out of a quarry and is then hauled, and fitted to your kitchen. There are numerous grades, and no 2 pieces, are exactly the exact same.

Granite Surfaces

This can be a natural, and gorgeous surface, for kitchens, and incredibly powerful, as well as hot. But, there’s often debate – playful and opposite – as to what’s better, granite or quartz?

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There are different substances that are also used, nowadays, also.

Laminate Or Melamine (Formica)

Kitchen countertops can be reached from lots of different materials. ‘Plastic is obviously not a fantastic alternative – since it could melt kitchen remodelers austin. Instead harder, vinyl polymers are utilized to create thin sheets which are layered within a processor board – that is melamine or laminate.

These surfaces are easy to clean and will withstand heat, but if there’s a place that’s chipped away, the entire counter could swell, and even rust.

At a house with rising damp, it’s likely that water may grow up, your kitchen cabinets, and, at the worst case situation, your kitchen counters, can swell. Regardless of the chance of water damage, this is a remarkably common surface – over 80 percent of European houses have laminate.

Tempered Granite, Glass, and Concrete

Modern trends are shifting, and kitchen countertops are being manufactured from many distinct materials. Glass is especially made that has quite a large heat resistance – such as Pyrex cookware – and may be utilized as a coating. It may likewise be back painted, to suit your colour scheme.

It’s fairly a costly option, however, and there’s always a probability of cracking – particularly if there’s a temperature gap – from cold to warm. This is known as tempered glass.

Ceramics can withstand very large re – aluminum, as an instance, begins to melt 660C while ceramics can resist heat up to 2000C.


Among the biggest rivals along with also a choice that’s becoming more popular is quartz. This isn’t a completely natural product – it’s made of 95% of ground walnut and 5 percent polymer resins. It’s a really similar coating to granite but it is not as porous – it’s not difficult to wash, and doesn’t have to be sealed, or resealed, annually just like granite does.

It’s not completely heat resistant, and you need to utilize trivets, to safeguard a granite countertop. (*when washed.) A patina can create on granite – oils stains could leach into the rock, and discolor it in case it hasn’t yet been sealed.

Granite kitchen tops are extremely popular, and powerful, however, there are a couple of competitions, which are increasing in popularity, on the marketplace. What counter are you really going to get? Well, it is a fantastic idea to inspect the price tag, very first, and make a determination from that point.

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