Bunion Surgery Recovery Time

Bunion surgery is a major surgical procedure that is designed to correct any deformity of the foot. The bunion is a bone joint in the big toe that is located below the toe and runs vertically on the top of the foot. When there is an injury to this joint then the bones will protrude and cause a great deal of pain for the patient.

Bunion Surgery

When the bunion surgery is performed then the surgeon will cut through the bunion and remove the bone and cartilage that are causing the deformity. Once this is done, a cast will be placed on the area of the deformity so the surgeon will then be able to reconstruct it.

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The next part of the bunion surgery recovery schedule is to use crutches to help aid in walking. During this time you will have to follow-up treatment such as applying anti-inflammatory medication and over the counter medication.

You will also have to wear a special splint on your foot during this time so that the bones will not protrude while your body heals Bunion Surgery Perth. If the bunion surgery is a success then the bones should return to their normal position by three to six months.

After the bunion surgery, your surgeon will give you a prescription for an antibiotic. This antibiotic will help to reduce inflammation and help the wound heal faster. You should see a doctor at least one week after the surgical procedure for follow-up care.

This is especially important if there was an infection in your surgical area. Follow the directions given by your doctor and your surgical procedure should heal quickly so that you can get back to using your high quality of life.

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