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Family Tree is a Stroud independent funeral director, operating since 2005. They have a reputation for beautiful and heartfelt funerals. They can arrange for a church burial or a cremation in the crematorium. They also arrange memorial services. There are several types of service options available, such as an outdoor memorial service and a funeral in the cemetery. For more information, visit

Tree Funerals Stroud

The rite of a tree funeral has many benefits. First, it is environmentally friendly. Trees are known for their longevity, so they may last for centuries. Moreover, they do not need maintenance and can be planted anytime, making them a green memorial for loved ones. And the urn is made of bamboo, which is an attractive way to remember a loved one. There are a few other benefits to a tree memorial.

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Another advantage of a tree burial is that it is eco-friendly. Unlike the traditional method of burying the dead in a grave, this practice is completely biodegradable. As a result, there are no formal markers. The trees themselves are kept growing for eternity, so it is environmentally friendly.

The pine tree, on the other hand, represents ambition and eternity. Cedar trees are said to have a refreshing scent, and if a tree has a strong fragrance, it symbolizes a person’s spirituality. Oak and magnolia trees have white flowers and are symbolic of strength and wisdom.

A living urn is an eco-friendly option for a tree funeral. It is designed to be present at the funeral before and after the cremation. The casing is made of bamboo and is attractive enough to display at the funeral service Funeral Directors Leicester. The Living Urn can also be used as a memorial for a tree. If you are planning a tree memorial, visit the site below for more information. Once you’ve chosen the right type of memorial, you can select a tree and start planting.

In the United States, tree funerals are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they environmentally sustainable, but they also save on costs. Moreover, compared to other forms of burial, a tree funeral is more affordable than the traditional methods. It can also help the environment. Aside from being a greener alternative, a tree memorial is environmentally beneficial to the environment. If you’ve loved a tree and have a biodegradable urn, it is a beautiful and environmental option.

The tree can be a great choice for a tree memorial. Maple trees, for example, symbolize generosity, giving, and balance. They provide shade, while pine trees are a symbol of ambition and eternity. While pine and ash scatterings are traditionally associated with the cremation process, a tree burial will have a lasting effect on the environment. If you’re thinking about the environment, a maple burial will give you a feeling of harmony.