Hiring A Stucco Contractor

Stucco Contractors is an integral part of the home improvement market. Stucco is a composition of cement, sand, and other materials that are used to prepare outer walls, roofs, slabs, and even ceilings. Stucco has been applied to structures for centuries to provide strength, resistance, and an attractive appearance.

Stucco Contractor

With advances in technology, stucco contractors have developed new techniques to add moisture, glaze, and color. New techniques allow builders to create a wide variety of textures using various stucco colors, finishes, and methods.

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Stucco can be applied in one of three ways; with either a brush or by sledgehammer. The application process for each method is slightly different; each provides a unique appearance and allows for different types of finishes commerical stucco contractor. It is important to hire stucco contractors who use traditional tools and techniques. Newer techniques and technologies enable stucco contractors to perform the job quickly and professionally while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency.

If you live in the Phoenix and Tempe areas and are interested in having your home stucco contractors use traditional mortar, they will be happy to discuss it with you. New technologies have made it possible for stucco contractors to use modern day mortar mix with modern day insulation products. This combination can reduce the cost of labor significantly while providing a more uniform and visually appealing result. It is also possible to mix the mortar and insulation products together to have a one-stop shop for any remodeling project.

Stucco contractors who have a modern stucco system can also perform a stucco surface finish. This type of finish has become extremely popular over the past few years because it requires fewer coats of stucco to achieve the same visual effect as a traditional finished surface. Using this type of finish is also better suited to climates that are less inclined to freeze and thaw. A traditional finish will require several coats and many contractors find it very time consuming to complete the job. When an experienced contractor completes a stucco surface finish using modern technology, it can often be completed in a matter of hours rather than days.

There are other ways that the new technologies being used by stucco contractors may benefit you. A coating exterior provides a very low maintenance option that can save you money over time. These coatings are becoming more common in homes in Arizona as they are able to resist damage from wind, hail, rain, sun, etc. A low maintenance coating is important to homeowners as it allows them to spend more time focusing on other priorities in their lives such as work or taking care of their families. A coating exterior also allows homeowners to keep their home looking modern and appealing.

In addition to hiring a stucco contractor who can perform stucco repairs and coatings, you may also want to consider looking for contractors who can also offer other services. Oftentimes, homeowners need to hire sealers or cleaners when stucco begins to crack or flake. Contractors may also be able to help you select the right supplies to use to apply your new coat. It may even be possible for you to get a discount on the total cost of the repair or refinishing project when you hire a contractor to handle all of the tasks rather than contracting with several different professionals.

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