House Selling Costs – How to Reduce Them

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The first step in reducing house selling costs is to be knowledgeable about the underlying fees that will be involved. Understanding what each cost is and why they are necessary is the key to reducing your costs. The filing of paperwork is a flat fee, and it is usually a flat rate. In most cases, closing fees are minimal. But if you don’t know how to save on these fees, you may not be able to reduce your expenses significantly.

Termite inspections

Termite inspections for house selling cost $100 or more. The cost of a termite inspection will vary depending on the size of the home and whether it needs Section 1 or more extensive treatment. In many cases, the seller will cover the cost, and in other instances, the buyer can factor it into the price of the home during the negotiation process. The inspection is also required by most lenders when selling a home, especially for those who have a mortgage.

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Transfer of HOA fees

You’ll likely encounter a transfer of HOA fee when selling your house. This fee is typically the responsibility of the seller, but you may want to include this amount in your purchase contract to avoid having to pay this fee yourself. There are many possible ways to avoid paying this fee, including asking the seller to collect the paperwork and include it in the purchase contract. However, this is risky Different types of houses in Thunder Bay. Even if you get the seller to include it in the purchase contract, it’s possible that the buyer will still end up liable for it.

Real estate agent commissions

While some sellers may want to pay the full commission to their real estate agent, this practice isn’t advisable. Not only is it shortsighted, but it also leads to a double commission. A recent Consumer Federation of America study found that 73% of listing agents declined to negotiate commission rates. While you may be tempted to pay more, you should remember that a high commission rate means low exposure for your home.

Closing costs

Closing costs of a house selling are additional fees and taxes paid to the seller after the sale. They can total between 6 percent and 10 percent of the total sale price. The good news is that these fees are deducted from the proceeds of the sale. If you have low equity, you may need to pay for some of these out of pocket. The costs vary depending on the type of property and its location.

Property transfer tax

When selling a home, one of the closing costs is paying a real estate transfer tax. Transfer taxes are not deductible, but they can lower your property’s capital gains tax bill. The amount varies by state, so you must negotiate the amount with the seller and buyer. In California, a “documentary transfer tax” is required per thousand dollars of the sale price. Other states may require the buyer and seller to split the cost of the tax.