How To Connect Two Computers – Windows Environment

Windows Environment

Well since there was a time that I had to understand how to link two computers together and that I could not find any posts to assist me and no hyperlinks online which had it in detail, so this really is for the folks who may experience exactly the same.

So let us start!

Primarily you’ll have to understand how precisely your two PCs are likely to connect. The computers will link directly to each other hence no hub is going to be necessary something went wrong 0x8007007e. For all those of you that do not understand, a heartbeat is only a system that connects computers in a system through UTP STRAIGHT THROUGH cables.

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The main reason I wrote directly through in caps is because this isn’t what you’ll be using to link the 2 computers. Rather you’ll use cross over wires. You may find this from a local computer shop for relatively affordable. Or if you really feel like doing job then create it, its quite simple. Should you want some assistance, then a Google search about the best way best to make crossover wires can help alot. The main reason I do not let you know how, because I am telling you how you can link two computers not produce crossovers.

Anyways that is all of the prerequisites you will need, only a cross over cable. (Please notice; should you purchasing or creating a cross over, make sure it’s at cat5e UTP cables)

We have that from the way, let us get to work!


On each computer, click “My Computer”. Where it states”Computer description:” Give every pc a description (It should be the same). Click the”switch” so that it is possible to alter the title of this computer and generate a workgroup.

From the title choice give it the Exact Same name you gave it because of its description and at the workgroup section type in”my initial system” (REMEMBER: Titles of those computers must NOT be exactly the same, BUT Workgroup names ought to be EXACT exactly the Exact Same on both) Now as soon as you change them, you’ll be asked to restart your pc, so only click yes or ok, whatever you’re prompted with.

Measure 2

Following the computers are rebooted you’ll have to set up IP addresses for every computer. That is the way:

On your desktop computer, start looking for the icon called”My Network Places”. Now dpouble click on it to start it.

After open appearance on the left to find an alternative”view network connections” and click it.

Now right click local area network and click on properties.

Although you do exactly the very same measures for the two computers you have to have different IP addresses so it is possible to create the next computers IP address

Once you place the IP addresses just press the tab and you need to find a number from the subnet mask as, then press OK and wait some time and you practically done!

Measure 3

That is it you now are going to have the ability to find the computers in”My Network Places”. You will begin sharing documents!