Is Anyone Honest in Article Writing Anymore?

My Gentle Rant

It seems that anyone with or with no instruction or English abilities, can rewrite anything for a buck ($1.00) or less nowadays and eliminate it. This presents an issue nonetheless, for serious educated authors that are making (or attempting to make) a living writing articles. Not to mention that the problem this gives a researcher seeking to find smart, true details!

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This really is a sad statement considering the lack of legitimate jobs available that educated individuals can do from home.

My job is mainly editing, and writing that is difficult to market except for those seriously considering submitting their manuscripts to publishers.

Article writing was a worthwhile job, but it has turned into a feeding frenzy for lesser economic nations, also for people that can easily provide for their families for twenty-five cents everyday paraphrase tool. They generally churn out crap work, no grammar skills, or at least very little”good” grammar in”real” standards.

Article Writing Anymore

Not to mention bad sentence structure, improper usage of verbs, end of sentence prepositions, etc., which a simple”MS Word” program will select up in a”New York Minute.” The usage of”additional words” to be able to satisfy their 500-word clauses that seem ridiculous, yet, are still being published on our network.

I am not saying that these individuals are not working hard for their own pennies. I’m saying they are driving the cover standards downward by not devoting sufficient cash. Shame too, on the buyers. Anybody who is paying below a dollar for”quality” is a fool, and deserves what they get. The issue is in how these posts are still being used for internet content and SEO, so that the click through rates increase – tsk-tsk.

It angers me, since I’m fully qualified to write, but payment standards are reduced to an incredibly unhappy degree. If the trend continues, someone would have to write continuously 24 hours a day just to meet their most base needs. The standard of posts which are being supplied to readers is only simply copied work from already questionable sources. Who knows if we’re finding expert information anymore?


I had been studying for a”white paper” today, and discovered an article on PV solutions with at least seven errors in the text and I suggest simple spelling! What is a soul to do who has diligently sought out the top teachers and schools to educate themselves as scribes, only to be satisfied with this?

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