Mental Health Factors That Affect a Person’s Well Being

Mental health refers to a person’s ability to live his life satisfying and productive at the same time. Mental health is not only about a person’s ability to cope with daily activities, but also about his ability to develop his talents and stay ahead of his peer groups in the society. These are the mental health factors that we should all focus on to achieve that state of mental well being in everyone.

Mental Health Factors

The first factor about mental health is the family environment. A healthy family environment makes a better environment for mental growth. It is a known fact that most mental illnesses are passed on by households that fail to create an emotionally supportive and mentally healthy environment.

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It is a given fact that families living in unstable environments such as homes with violent parents or homes where alcohol abuse is common to have children who are most likely to develop mental illness than those who grow up in stable homes Thus, it is necessary to reduce the risk factors of developing mental disorders by having a stable and loving home.

Another factor is education. People who have higher educational levels tend to live happier and healthier lives than people with lower educational levels. This is because they are better educated and they know more things about different things that may cause them to be stressed out. They know how to deal with problems, and so they are less likely to resort to violence when under stressful situations. In short, educated people generally lead healthier and happier lives.