Florida Mold Removal Company

“Prime Aire” is an Florida mold removal company that specializes in residential and commercial outdoor mold inspection and testing as well. We have performed more than 8,000 mold removal projects in the last two years alone moldremovalsarasota. As Florida mold experts, we utilize the latest high-tech equipment and modern technology to specifically detect mold growth in your building and give you the most accurate diagnosis of existing mold issues.

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Florida Mold Removal

We have certified inspectors on staff that is experts in their field. These mold inspectors work closely with our mold removal and remediation teams to ensure the job is completed in a timely manner. This assures our customers their mold issues are being addressed and maintained correctly.

Prime Air also offers a full range of mold removal services including structural mold remediation, prepping/cleaning, energy efficient repair & cleaning, mold remediation & mitigation, asbestos abatement and clearance, site remediation & risk assessment, foundation repairs, exterior paint, and flooring preparation, landscaping, historic restoration, and associated mold remediation.

Our highly trained and certified mold remediation team uses industrial, hygienic cleaners and industrial-strength disinfectants on our projects. They are equipped to safely remove all mold to a height of one foot without causing any damage to the surrounding property. All of our services are provided by experienced professional technicians who utilize the latest techniques for each project. In addition, our goal is to complete each job on schedule and within your budget. We provide eco-friendly and recycled products for green solutions and long-lasting enjoyment.

As a highly regarded and reviewed company in New York and New Jersey, our professional mold removal and mold remediation teams offer state-of-the-art professional mold testing and mold removal services along with energy-efficient repair, cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping services. If you have concerns about mold growth in your workplace or commercial property, don’t hesitate to contact a mold removal company near you.

Final Words

Professional commercial mold testing and remediation teams will help you determine the extent of the problem and recommend solutions to prevent the problem from becoming worse. In most cases, these mold testing and mold remediation teams are also able to provide mold prevention tips for preventing future mold growth. With an annual or bi-annual inspection, a mold removal company near you can advise you of the next steps in addressing the issue.