Orange County Convention Center – The OCCC

For the last 18 decades, the Orange County Convention Center and also the OCCC was the preferred venue for many cultural and business occasions. In this length of time, it’s been through several expansions to accommodate each of the conventions and events throughout the year.

Orange County Convention Center

The Orange County Convention Center is made up of two buildings that are united by a sky bridge. The West Building was constructed within a span of twenty years in four periods between the years of 1983 to 1996. This was to supply for the rising requirements of exhibitions and tradeshows Orange County. The accession of this North/South Building place the Orange County Convention Center at the books as one of the largest conference and meeting facilities in the nation today.

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The OCCC is conveniently located within walking distance in over 6,000 hotels rooms and 86,000 hotel rooms inside a 45-minute driveway.

The whole OCCC occupies a place of 2.1 million square feet worth of display space. It provides two 92,000 square feet regions which may be utilized as meeting places.

The place not only prides itself as being the next biggest convention centre in the country but also because of its own green initiatives which are nationally acknowledged. The OCCC lives to it dedication to ecological sustainability and security as it proceeds to execute this in its continuing efforts and endeavors and is constant in reviewing its procedure and facilities for potential improvements.

On the average, it broadcasts around a million delegates each year. This season the Orange County Convention Center is reserved to host a record of expositions such as Coverings, in which the Architecture and Designing world converge. The Travel Retailing and Destination Expo, among the Travel and Tourism sector’s top wineries, are also happening in the OCCC.

Even though it’s distinguished by its size and air that is certainly overriding, its own support, as shown by its own Center for Hospitality app is as much concentrated to provide guests and attendees the utmost focus and solutions out there. From airport instructions to restaurant recommendations, all attendees have to do is ask and the OCCC’s personnel or its guest’s solutions desk and they’d be ready to be of help.

Considering all the conveniences and attributes mentioned previously, indeed, the Orange County Convention Center is one of the top-notch convention places in the nation today.

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