Roofing Squares – Calculating Roof Pitch and Type

If you are a homeowner or have ever been a homeowner, you have probably heard of a roofing square. If not, you should realize that they are an important part of the home. Roofing square footage is a measurement of the length, width, and height of your roof. The calculation of a roofing square is simple:

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Calculating Roof Pitch and Type

To calculate a roofing square you simply need to multiply the length of the roof by its width and height concrete driveways tampa. Obviously, the calculation is not as easy as that though. There are factors that you will want to take into consideration, such as slope, valleys, and the size of your home. Most importantly, you will want to determine what the minimum slope is required to keep your shingles on the roof in a level and flat position. For instance, if your home has a significant slope then you may need to install a system of pitch stops to keep the pitch up as your home grows.

Final Words

Once you have determined your minimum slope, you will need to determine your maximum grade. The higher the grade, the steeper your roof area plane will need to be. Then, you simply need to add the slope to this number. Your final number is the actual height of your roof, including all overhangs or eaves. Here is a tip: calculate the nails per shingle, not just the nails.