The Basics of Breathable Face Masks

Face masks are breathing masks that cover either the nose mouth or both your nose and mouth kn95 masks. They’re designed mainly to allow airflow in and out of the mask, thus allowing you to breathe easier. Some masks even have an exhale valve to further facilitate breathing, especially when you need to take a deep breath. Breathing in and out of a face mask while at the same time exhaling can help alleviate shortness of breath.

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Basics of Breathable Face Masks

There are two main types of face masks breathable – the soft breathable and the hard breathable. The hard type usually has a much heavier layer of material that goes on top of the soft layer. This heavy layer traps air between your skin and the mask which prevents the escape of excess air which could cause discomfort. When selecting face masks breathable, always go for a lighter-weight non-woven fabric layer. This way, you get to keep the breathing hole small, thus ensuring your breathing is easy and comfortable at all times.

Non-woven fabrics usually come in two different types: the soft one, which is generally made from cotton or silk, and the hard one which is made from latex. One of the main differences between these two varieties is the degree of breathability they offer. The breathability of a face mask usually depends on the thickness of the non-woven fabric. Typically, the thicker the material, the more breathable it is.

Final Words

However, one should not get too used to this fact as sometimes thicker face masks do not work well with thinner people; if this is the case with you, try something else. Another thing to note is that while polyester and Dacron face masks offer the best breathability, nylon and polyester blends offer medium breathability.