The Benefits of Hiring Moving Companies

“Boutique Moving & Storage is your trustworthy San Antonio moving company. We are a family operated and family-owned moving and transporting business serving all the Bay Area, El Cerrito, Albany, Richmond, Berkeley, all the Bay Area. Our vans are equipped with top of the line moving equipment and are ready to help you with your next move.

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Household goods can be very expensive, particularly if those household goods have to be transported by trucks El Cerrito movers. Moving companies in San Antonio can provide various types of moving services to suit almost any size moving situations.

From our small loading vans to luxury moving services equipped with refrigerated units and custom trailer or semi-trailer trucks, our San Antonio moving company has the equipment and the manpower to move nearly any type of household goods.

There are many moving companies in the United States that specialize in packing. Packing companies use a variety of packing methods but usually pack possessions in a similar manner.

Packing techniques include placing boxes side by side, in pairs, in rows, etc., using packing tape, packing peanuts, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper to protect the merchandise. It is always a good idea to check with the packing company before sending any possessions through their doors to ensure that they follow these practices.

For every move, our skilled San Antonio movers can add new service to make your move go as smoothly as possible. The following moves are some of our most popular: * House Cleaning – Many movers offer house cleaning services in addition to our moving service. This is an excellent way for us to stay in close contact with our clients while moving.

As a house cleaning company, we will deliver professionally cleaned restrooms, bedrooms, and break rooms, and chauffeur cars to our clients’ homes. Also, because every resident of our clients’ home must be notified prior to the move, we have the resources to pack everything that needs to go into the move to ensure that nobody finds out that a certain item is missing before it’s time to pack.

* Cerrito boxes – For any move, we recommend the use of packing tape in place of paper. This is because paper boxes are easily damaged, and if you lose one, you’re likely to have a very hard time locating it to return to its original location. If you want to have extra Cerrito boxes available for your clients, you can purchase them from our San Antonio moving company. While there is no requirement to use Cerrito boxes, many people prefer them for their extra protection.


Many moving companies also provide services such as packing and loading (also known as load and go, or G & A). This type of service is commonly referred to as last-minute packing. Although not required, it is certainly recommended that you hire the services of San Antonio moving companies for this service. This ensures that all of your personal belongings are securely packed and ready to be transported to your new home.