What Are Web Designing and Web Development?

In a web business, frequently you will face clients approaching you and asking you to look at their sites there is burnaby web design. But when they tell you their requirement, you may come to know that it isn’t merely designing work, it also includes development function.

However, the fact is that these two phrases have different meanings. Now here I will demonstrate both of these terms vary from one another.

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Web Design

Let us get started with the web designing first. Now essentially it is web site designing, it’s developing a web page that includes colors and images. In simple words, it can be predicted to make a sketch using colors. It is just what we do newspaper, but here we are doing it on computers. Web Designing is related to feel and look of the website or graphical representation of the internet page

The person who does the designing section of the site is known as web designer. He’s the one who creates the visual look of the website. It’s designed based on the demands of the client and his business. Different colours, images and graphics are utilized to make the website appealing. Adobe Photoshop is the widespread framework which is used by designers to make the webpage. When it’s just the design with HTML, these websites are static sites.

Web Development

Now, let us proceed to web creation. It’s creating the functionality of web pages or building the backend of this site, which can be done through programming. Interaction between different webpages, working of website is your web development part.

Some scripting languages can also be used like JavaScript. Database design and development can be included in web development. Database is the place where information from website is stored and from where the data comes on the website. These websites are known as dynamic websites or database driven websites. The backend or administrator side of the website is not viewed by users. The operator or owner of the web site can see by logging in with username and password. The individual who does work is called Web Developer or Web Developer. He takes cares, the way the site will function when user open it.

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